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atw :: Hygenic

Dezodorant bezzapachowy

Opakowanie: 50 ml

Cena: 19.70 zł

Realizacja: do 48 godzin



- zapewnia ochronę na cały dzień,

- nie blokuje oddychania skóry,

- nie brudzi bielizny,

- działa nawilżająco i przeciwbakteryjnie,

- nie niszczy naturalnej mikroflory skóry.



dla każdego kto docenia potrzebę dbania o higienę,

gdy inne dezodoranty podrażniają skórę.


Zawiera naturalne substancje, pochodne NMF,  nie dopuszczajace do reakcji potu z bakteriami obecnymi na skórze.


Nie zawiera związków aluminium.

Cena: 19.70 zł
Produkt niedostępny produkt niedostępny 

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Mom, you called dad to pick up the baby, I wanted to go for a walk with her mother, "I said.

"Well, I go, which go Morningstar crazy, you ignore him." Mother-in-law has in fact been do not know how to do is correct, say "children help mother", the son is so big She really is uncontrollable. Really can not figure out nursed her son in the end what is the good, raising the son, what things do not listen to your mother, then might as well raise a pet dog, I was secretly sighed.

"I walk around late to go back," did not wait for her mother to continue to say, I hung up the phone, my nose is very acid, afraid to cry.

School and work when people on the street gradually more up, I started swinging aimlessly, I seemed accustomed to it, very accustomed to looking for a share of safe feeling in a group of strangers, do not really love me and I love the people hurt each other? Think about it, had a big fight with her husband, but my mind was brightened a lot, at least I know that her husband heart in mind. But the thought that he himself admitted to having sex with that woman, I feel grief from the minds of students, there is a very sad, very sad. I am the husband of my share of resentment, and even feel his hatred of me, I also do not understand how you think, I'm in the end in what is wrong.

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